My Datavue Spark

What's it ?

Description from Old-Computers :

The Datavue Spark was one of the first laptops ever made. It featured a powerful (back then) Intel 8088 with a clock Speed of 4.77Mhz, switchable to 9.54MHz. It had a tiny blue 5" screen made by Epson that supported 16 Colors. MS DOS (mine was v2.11 US) could be run on this system, but needed a boot disk to do anything.

Due to a very high retail price, very few Spark were sold. Datavue made it up until 1993, then the company went under due to the many more powerful laptops on the market at the time. Datavue produced many other laptops.

And then ?

I got it when I was a child, I was 10. This's the really first computer I got. It was a nice gift from my parents... but when I got it, the first Pentium 166Mhz was in stores. Yes, I got it very lately ^^

And now i conserved it because i'm very sentimental guy... ^^

Enjoy this little page in the memory of the "first laptop ever made".

Photo library

AC Adaptator
American MS DOS v2.11 Manual
Back panel
Bag 1
Bag 2
Bag 3
Bag closed
Bag logo
Spark opened in the bag
Battery location
Battery pack
Official Boot Disk
Computer back panel
Computer logo
Floppy disk
Another floppy
Spark closed
French user manual
Front closed
Front opened
Inside, floppies
Inside, screen connector
Inside, RAM
Inside, rear panel
Inside, rear panel (2)


Final word

Funny huh ? Hope you have enjoyed this cool web page =)

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